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Matt West

Transformational Coach

I am inviting you to take the Journey Within and bring together your most powerful physical, personal, and professional qualities and aspirations into alignment!


I'm a transformational coach with a passion for helping others love and accept themselves while finding balance in their busy lives. Having a great deal of experience with mental health struggles in the lives of those around me, and myself, I am able to bring a unique perspective to helping others with their individual struggles. My purpose in life is to help others discover that they are not alone and that they are worthy of love, acceptance, joy and peace. My goal is to help each person that I meet become the very best version of themselves as we unlock their potential in a fun and manageable way.

I've been involved in health and wellness for 25 years in numerous capacities and I've had the opportunity to help patients and clients in many aspects of their lives over the years. I'm a certified Health Coach and Life Coach from Health Coach Institute. I am also certified in the CIJ Clarity Catalyst and The Culture Catalyst which are proven life changing programs based on a Stanford University Masters Degree Program.

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